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Online Article for the Canary – Interview about “The Race Conversation”. A new book is aiming to show how we can have ‘life-changing conversations about race. The Canary is an independent non-profit news website.

Podcast for The UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) – Talking Therapies: Finding healing after oppression 

Online Article for The Voice NewspaperThe trauma of our ancestors lives on in us

We Need to Talk about Whiteness – The Podcast. Exploring the meaning of British whiteness, what whiteness actually looks like outside of academic discussions and whether the term is a useful addition to the anti-racism arsenal. Link

Time to Talk Podcast with Alex Holmes. This is a podcast about improving mental health, cultivating emotional resilience and delivering ways we can show up for ourselves and others to lead a resilient life. Link

Colourful Radio – Eugene Ellis appears on this recording of; ‘Bereavement And The Pandemic’. How do we deal with the passing of loved ones during a pandemic? Experts share their views. Link



Race Issues in Therapy: Finding Our Voice across the Black/White Divide. In  Intercultural Therapy: Challenges, Insights and Developments. Ababio, Baffour. 1st edition. Routledge, 2019.

Contributor to First Steps in Counselling: – First Steps in Counselling (5th Edition): An Introductory Companion. 5th edition. Sanders, Pete, Paula J. Williams, and Andy Rogers.PCCS Books, 2021



Towards a Rainbow-Coloured Therapeutic Community: Psychotherapy and Politics International. 9(3): 188–193 (2011)

Updating Psychotherapy Training: equality and diversity issues in psychotherapy training: The Psychotherapist. Issue 61: Autumn 2015

Why Strong Black People Do Go To Counselling. The Voice Newspaper. November 8 – 14, 2012

Silenced: the black student experience. Therapy today. December 2013

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